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Offering personalized Yacht Management & Maintenance Programs that make yacht ownership more enjoyable and less work for the owner at a fraction of the price of hiring a full time crew.

Effortless Yacht Ownership.

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Effortless Yacht Ownership: We offer personalized yacht management and maintenance programs that make yacht ownership more enjoyable. Our management team is comprised of highly qualified personnel including in-house technicians who can offer support and advice to owners and their captains to ensure that the yacht is being maintained, administered and operated to the highest standards..

Our Yacht Services

We specialize in personalized yacht management and maintenance programs. From cleaning to yard periods, let us make yacht ownership more enjoyable for you.

Monthly Maintenance Programs

  • Premium package (custom programs available)
  • Weekly washes
  • Weekly system checks
  • Bi-weekly interior cleanings
  • Ask about our additional services:
    – Pre-arrival provisioning
    – Custom interior decorating & staging
    – Laundry services
    – Celebratory set ups
  • Management of vendors & yard period at discounted rate

Yard Period & Project Management

  • Complete management of yard periods
  • Shopping yards & vendors on owner’s behalf to find the best fit
  • Scheduling & overseeing haul, block and launch
  • Keeping the owner updated with the latest progress
  • Periodic and final walk through with vendors for quality control
  • Daily meetings with yard & vendors to ensure timeliness

Individual Maintenance Services

  • General mechanical maintenance
    – Engine and generator routine services
    – Raw water & fresh water systems
    – A/C services
    – Electrical services
    – Leak detection & repair
    – Rust removal & protection
    – Hydraulic
    • Teak cleaning
    • Stainless polishing
    • General organization
    • Wash downs
    • Waxes/fiberglass detailing
    • Engine room detailing

Protect Your Investment, Inside & Out.

Regular yacht detailing is a must to keep your vessel functioning correctly and preserve its resale value and to maintain your yacht’s appearance. Easthope Marine will not only keep your boat looking great, but we will help extend its life and reduce deprecation. Need your yacht cleaned before welcoming guests onboard? We’ll come to the location of the boat and get the detailing job done.

Yacht Detailing

All washes include the wash, cleaning under hatches, and all gutter tracks when accessible. We remove salt, bird droppings, water stains and all dirt. We also dry all windows and brightwork. Easthope Marine offers one-time washes and recurring washes according to the schedule you prefer.

Yacht Management

Most yacht owners never notice all the little things that are involved in a professional detail. Easthope Marine offers full-service yacht detailing for yacht owners. We provide one-time services as well as regular programs custom-tailored to our customer’s individual needs and budget!

Teak Cleaning

To keep your yacht looking brand new, we clean and brighten teak decks. With multiple options for teak care, we can tailor our approach to the condition of your deck.

Interior Cleaning

Let us keep the interior of your vessel looking fresh and inviting. We offer full detail services with customizable plans tailored to your needs.

Hurricane Plan

Vessels are checked regularly during foul weather, where and when permissible, are checked following the passage of a significant weather vent. All vessels under a current service contract with Easthope Marine will have first priority for Hurricane prep.

Wax/Fiberglass Detailing

To protect your investment, regular care of all gelcoat and painted surfaces are required. This keeps your vessel looking in top condition to hold maximum value.


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Frequently Asked

How soon are you able to come out?

We are very busy, but also flexible! We aim to schedule within a week of you reaching out to us. Contact us to get started!

What products are you using on my boat?

There is no simple answer, we use what we believe are the best products on the market. We use many products with specific purposes. We also blend products depending on the condition of your boat. Some products we use are only commercially available.

What’s included in a complete wax?

With a complete wax the crew will first wash and chamois drying the yacht. They will then buff and wax all the smooth fiberglass surfaces, including the helm and cockpit areas. Additionally they will polish stainless steel, and isinglass type enclosures. The crew will also clean vinyl cushions, and if applicable they will clean inside storage lockers, fish boxes, livewells etc.

What services do you offer other than detailing?

We are a yacht management company, serving all your boating needs. For a list of our services and more details see our Services page.


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